The latest from Eryl onsite

Eryl Roberts JBBB

We catch up with Eryl Roberts, Project Manager for Jones Bros / Balfour Beatty for the latest news from site.

“Works are currently progressing on schedule with a lot of activity still ongoing. Thanks to some fantastic summer weather, the site team have now completed the main concrete pours at 26 turbine foundations. 14 of these have had the smaller upstand pour completed and are now ready to have the turbines bolted into place in early 2016. In addition to this we have opened works on a further 10 turbine locations and implemented 12 kms of brand new access track.

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Safety for all onsite

Health and safety for site users and site workers

As well as site user information for mountain bikers and walkers, our site team receive regular briefings regarding safety and are encouraged to complete comment cards when they see good or bad acts of safety onsite. As Principal Contractor the Jones Bros Balfour Beatty Joint Venture is responsible for safety onsite and here is just one of the publications available to site workers. The fact sheet has a special focus on members of the public as the priority in terms of safety. Take a look below.



An invitation to experience our construction works first hand

Caption: Steel reinforcement weighing up to 84 tonnes is fixed in place. In total, the 76 turbines require more than 6,000 tonnes of reinforcement.

Take a look at the recent aerial footage taken onsite at Pen y Cymoedd. With construction well underway we are gearing up to host site visits over the coming year. Please register your interest here now if you would like to join a guided tour of Pen y Cymoedd.

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22 turbine foundations now complete!

Two separate concrete pours are required to construct the base. More than 50,000m³ will be used across the turbine bases, with an average of 600m³ per base.

Work onsite is progressing on schedule with the first 22 turbine foundations now complete.

Eryl Roberts, Project Manager for the Jones Bros / Balfour Beatty Joint Venture said, “We are pleased to have completed 22 of the 76 turbine foundations onsite. Each turbine foundation takes 6 men around 12 hours to pour and contains 640 cubic metres of concrete. The concrete is batched in our onsite batching plant (see picture). We carry out tests on each concrete foundation to ensure it meets the required standards to withstand the turbines that will be bolted onto the foundations in early 2016. The 76 turbine foundations will contain 50,000 cubic metres of concrete and 6000 tonnes of steel reinforcement in total.”