Who are the construction liaison committee, and what do they do?

David Mackerras

Keeping the local community informed during construction is an important job. It’s a public access site which is well used by the local community. It’s also a major construction project, and there is a lot of important information and developments that the community wants to know about and understand. One of our most important groups therefore is the Construction Liaison Committee, in their role  as a conduit of information from our team on site to the local community.

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Your ideas, your vision – the Pen y Cymoedd Community Fund!


3000 residents, groups and businesses got involved. The question was simple: What could this fund do to bring real benefit to the local area? The results are in and we’ve prepared a short animation that will be available shortly, for you to see what your ideas have created – an exciting vision for the future, with very clear priorities.

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From 3000 ideas to 1 vision….

Ideas review

We’ve always been clear – the fund’s vision had to come from the community – their ideas, priorities, needs, and interests. To achieve this, we needed to get as many people as possible involved. The vision would not represent the community without wide participation, lots of different perspectives, and ideas from all generations.

With the community’s vision now ready to be revealed, here’s an insight into how it was developed.

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