4500 mountain bikers hit the trails onsite this year

Mountain bikers at PyC

Since January 2015 the Pen y Cymoedd site has had over 4500 mountain bikers alone pass through it, not including walkers and other cyclists. The health and safety of the public and site workers is our contractors’ top priority and this is outlined in health and safety briefings which take place daily. In addition, the team have regular updates with the mountain bike community, given the speed in which they travel through the site. The wave hello, wave goodbye scheme has proven a successful one so far, in encouraging site workers and members of the public to look out for each other.

Robert Campbell, Mountain Bike Ranger for Natural Resources Wales said, “The Pen y Cymoedd site has had over 4,500 public mountain bike riders pass through it since Jan 2015. The onsite team have done a great job so far and we would like to thank them for all the hard work that is put in everyday to make this happen on a very busy and complicated site!”

James Humphery, trail user said, “When riding within the site I was impressed by how aware the site workers were to the needs of bikers. My passage of the construction site was entirely safe and accompanied by many cheery waves. I was especially thankful to the drivers of the 40 tonne dumper trucks near the quarry who slowed down to reduce the dust cloud they inevitably generated.”

The next challenge for our site team is the interface with the public during the delivery of the turbine components, which we expect to start in the middle of next month and the installation of the turbine components, which we expect to start in January 2016. Regular updates will be posted on our blog.