Progress report….community fund


We’re now in the final stages of getting through the community fund ideas – it’s been inspiring looking through all the potential that the community sees for themselves for the future. It’s a challenging time for lots of communities. Big budget cuts and changes in the ways things can be funded are now a reality – it’s a moving picture. Of course this is a challenge for the work to establish the fund. How do you think of the future when there is a lot of need developing in the here and now? But when we’re talking about 20 years plus of funding it’s also creates an opportunity – to sit down, think things through and plan for the future.

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What next for the community fund ideas?

Ideas review

We had a huge response to the call for ideas for the community fund from across all four valleys – with more than 3000 taking part! There’s a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of the community’s needs and vision for the future within the ideas that have come in by post and online. We want to make sure that every single bit of it is used to help guide and shape the set up of the community fund. The key question for us is – how?

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Environmental contributions


Vattenfall has committed £3million to enable plans to be put in place that could see the area becoming a leader in the field of peatland and upland habitat restoration. Read on to find out what the work will focus on:

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