Construction – What’s happening when?

Turbines being installed at Vattenfall's Swinford Wind Farm

February 2014 – 2016: Civil and electrical works, including construction of the site welfare compound, site access tracks, turbine foundations, crane pads, underground cabling and substation

Late 2015: Turbine deliveries, civil works continue

Early 2016: Turbine installation expected to begin

Late 2016: The wind farm is commissioned

Early 2017: Project completion

Environmental contributions


Vattenfall has committed £3million to enable plans to be put in place that could see the area becoming a leader in the field of peatland and upland habitat restoration. Read on to find out what the work will focus on:

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Forest users

Mountain bikers at PyC

During the construction process if you use the site then you will soon be able to pick up or download a Site Users Fact Sheet so that you know what to expect when using the site. Please stick to public footpaths and trails at all times. Access to work areas is strictly prohibited for your own safety.

Please get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.