Connecting the wind farm to the National Grid


Overhead line work (OHL)

To facilitate the connect to the National Grid network, we have had to make changes to the overhead lines which cut through the lower end of the site.

To start the team installed scaffolding and netting in two locations.  The first being over Welsh Tyre Recycling building and the second over the A465 (this is 171m in length and is the large ever built by National Grid).  This has been done in preparation for the line transfer work in the event that a line or fitting falling it would be caught by the net.   The team then set about creating a pad to build the temporary mast (skinny one on left of picture).  The lines from the existing OHL were then transferred to this mast.  The team then started building the new pylon (one in the foreground right of picture).  Once completed the lines will be transferred from the temporary mast onto the new pylon.  The old pylon and temporary mast will then be removed.


The overhead line works at Hirwaun Industrial Estate

Rhigos substation work

Work is taking place to stabilise the ground conditions ahead of construction work starting on the substation.

To date we have installed 1178 out of 1900 – if you lay these down end to end they will reach 8.5km or 5.3 miles.  Approximately 5,500 tonnes of concrete have been poured into these piles.

ABB and their contractors Balfour Beatty Utility Servcies Ltd continue to work alongside National Grid to install the cable that links the wind farm to the power grid. Two way traffic lights will be in place on the A4061 until October 2015.