Focus on….Renewable Energy Areas


Today Vattenfall signed an exciting agreement with Natural Resources Wales to explore the idea of Renewable Energy Areas on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate (WGWE), managed by NRW.

What is a renewable energy area?

Wales has a significant renewable energy resource – one of the best in Europe.  We know many renewable energy sources work very well alongside each other, which could create exciting Renewable Energy Areas.  It is an idea with many possible opportunities and avenues to explore. It’s a chance to think openly and creatively about how we meet climate change targets, make the best use of Wales’ assets, whilsts creating wide and varied benefits and opportunities. It’s about finding out what’s possible.

It’s very early days, and the renewable energy area idea could develop in many different directions.

  • What is the potential?
  • What cooperation is possible?
  • What role can we play?

These are the first questions to answer.

NRW’s perspective:

Speaking at the Renewable Wales 2015 conference, Emyr Roberts, Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales explained:

“Our environment and natural resources are coming under increasing pressure – from climate change, from a growing population and from the increasing need for energy production. Renewable energy is crucial in helping Wales achieve its target to reduce greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050, and will help make a significant contribution to the future economic well-being of Wales.

“We already have a number of wind and hydro schemes on our land which as well as producing energy, are benefitting nearby communities and the local economy.  We look forward to working with Vattenfall to further explore the potential on the Welsh Government Woodland Estate as an example of the sustainable management of our natural resources”.

Renewables UK’s David Clubb:

“Wales is a country rich in natural resources and with huge potential for renewable energy. Natural Resources Wales is the custodian and regulator for our natural environment, and provides a key role in ensuring that we can increase our green energy output, whilst maintaining the high quality of our natural environment”.

“This agreement is a great example of public and private sector collaboration for the benefit of society, environment and economy, and fits perfectly with Wales’ increasingly sustainable approach to doing business.”