From 3000 ideas to 1 vision….

Ideas review

We’ve always been clear – the fund’s vision had to come from the community – their ideas, priorities, needs, and interests. To achieve this, we needed to get as many people as possible involved. The vision would not represent the community without wide participation, lots of different perspectives, and ideas from all generations.

With the community’s vision now ready to be revealed, here’s an insight into how it was developed.

More than 3000 people, organisations, groups and businesses got involved, which generated a huge volume of feedback. But this success also brought a challenge – how to turn all these ideas and inputs into a clear vision that represented the community’s priorities.

Reading and sorting all the ideas – we started by reading every single idea ! This wasn’t an automated process. Each one was read and categorised with other, similar ideas.

Creating clusters – after categorising the ideas, similar ideas were put together with a title that summed up what the idea was about e.g. community spaces, sport, facilities, biodiversity, business support etc.

Keeping the detail – of course a simple title like “sport” or “community spaces” didn’t say much about what the community wanted to achieve- it was too general. The title on its own would have been pretty meaningless. So next, each cluster was looked at in detail to understand exactly where the community was coming from. Why was that topic or issue important? What opportunities did they see? What was possible?

Summarising what the community wanted to achieve? To understand what the ideas and inputs from the community meant, we asked a few questions:

  • What was the community’s long term ambition?
  • Were there any specific, tranformative projects highlighted?
  • What were the short term ideas?
  • What projects and ideas were relevant across more than one valley or community – ideas that could be delivered best across the whole area?


A vision for the future! The communities vision is exciting, forward thinking, inspiring and has huge possibilities. All will be revealed next week, so watch this space!