Go transformers!

IMG_1542 Rhigos Tx delivery 26-04-15

Over the last two Sundays the first two of 80 transformers for the project were successfully delivered by our grid contractors ABB.

Each of these transformers weighs 125,000kg, is six metres wide and eight metres long. The abnormal loads were escorted the 25.5 miles to site by the police from Swansea Docks to Hirwaun Industrial Estate as a safety precaution due to their size.

These are the first of a total of 80 transformers that will be in place onsite once the project is completed. Each of the 76 turbines will house a much smaller transformer that takes the generated electricity and steps the voltage up to 33kV. The 76 turbines will be grouped into arrays which will feed into 13 separate substations. Each of these substations carries the electricity to the main onsite substation on the top of the Rhigos Mountain. A further two large transformers in this substation step the voltage of the electricity up from 33kV to 132kV. The 132kV electricity is then taken down the A4061 Rhigos Road using the underground cable that is currently being installed. The electricity is again stepped up by the large transformers in situ at Hirwaun Industrial Estate from 132kV to 4ook and is then fed directly into the National Grid.

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