Health and safety information for site users

Mountain bikers at PyC

The wind farm is now fully operational. Site traffic continues due to the site based Operations and Maintenance Team going about their daily work. Please take care when walking or mountain biking in the area.

Look out for signs and noticeboards!

  • Health and safety signage is displayed and we ask that you follow the instructions displayed on these signs.

Please note that the wind farm infrastructure means that the area has changed a lot in a short space of time. You can download this map of the site ahead of your visit. 

You are our priority

All site workers are aware that people on public footpaths and mountain bike trails take priority and will be asked to take extra care near to public rights of way. However, we must also ask that the public stick to public footpaths and trails at all times. Access to work areas is strictly prohibited for your own safety.

What else can I do to stay safe onsite?

  • Be aware!

If you see a vehicle and need to walk or ride past it, first maintain a safe distance

  • Wave hello, wave goodbye!

Ensure that you establish eye contact with the driver and give him or her a wave hello. This lets you know that he or she has seen you. Wait until the driver signifies that it is safe to proceed and wave goodbye to them as a signal that you are leaving the area in which they are operating.

  • Check the area around you!

If you don’t feel safe turn-around and use an alternative route. Please get in touch with us to let us know if you felt that your safety was at risk.

  • Slow down!

If you are riding a mountain bike slow down near to working areas. Be aware that if you are travelling at speed you may not be able to see or hear onsite traffic and they may not hear or see you.

  • Be seen!

The visibility can be poor onsite due to the weather conditions so you may want to think about wearing high visibility clothing so that you can be seen more easily.

  • Take care!

If using the site with children or pets ensure that you take extra care especially when passing working areas.

  • Our Current Working Areas

Download a version of this map here.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or need further information.