Progress report….community fund


We’re now in the final stages of getting through the community fund ideas – it’s been inspiring looking through all the potential that the community sees for themselves for the future. It’s a challenging time for lots of communities. Big budget cuts and changes in the ways things can be funded are now a reality – it’s a moving picture. Of course this is a challenge for the work to establish the fund. How do you think of the future when there is a lot of need developing in the here and now? But when we’re talking about 20 years plus of funding it’s also creates an opportunity – to sit down, think things through and plan for the future.

How can the community use this fund to deliver its needs for the future in a way it can sustain?

Emerging themes for the community….

This has developed a bit from the four original themes – the community has made its own mind up on the priorities for the fund. At the moment, the following themes are coming through…

  • Local jobs, economy (inc. tourism)
  • Transport, connectivity and broadband
  • Health, wellbeing, safety and housing
  • Natural environment, landscape and energy
  • Culture, heritage, social, recreation and sport
  • Local schools, education and training


All for one and one for all…

Not all of the ideas are similar, not all of the ideas have the same end game or people in mind. That’s been a part of the process – finding out that all kinds of ideas are out there. Some have talked about bringing new investment and opportunity into the area, some have shared ideas about activities or projects that people in the community need.

So while all of the ideas are about benefiting the community in some way, categorising them by theme alone does not do them justice, or help to think how they could be developed into successful projects. For that reason, the ideas are also being looked at a bit differently to see – who’s the idea actually for, or about?

Four types have come out:

  • Ideas that are about local business and economic opportunity
  • Ideas or projects that benefit individuals
  • Ideas about the community as a whole and networks
  •  Ideas to benefit the local environment or physical assets

On Thursday, we’ll be sitting down again to check through, make sure nothing’s been missed, and plan the next stage of work, where you can see all the ideas of the community and what might be possible.