The local poet


Following the distribution of our latest newsletter, former police officer David Edwards from Llwydcoed, Aberdare wrote to us with a creative poem. The poem is about the changes in energy production, from coal to wind within the valleys and we were taken by surprise at the thought that had gone into this fantastic piece of work. We asked David if we could share it with you and his answer was thankfully a yes. Thank you David.


The giants are all sleeping, the air is calm and still,
The giants are the turbines, standing proudly on the hill.

They look across the valley of what once was a coal mine,
It’s now a country park, poor coal has had it’s time.

The breeze kisses the turbines and their arms all start to turn,
Generating power, cleaner than the coal we used to burn.

No danger to our loved ones, like in the holes so far below,
The turbines are not killers, like the pits of long ago.

Some people say they hate them and would gladly see them go,
But, they have never lost a loved one in those holes so far below.

These giants are our future, the wind they use is free,
They benefit our children as well as you and me.

We have to work with nature, for soon it won’t be long,
The coal that cost us all so much, will very soon be gone.

We will only have reminders of that time so long ago,
Where our loved ones sleep in darkness,
In those holes so far below.

The giants ask for nothing, they do not demand a price,
Like the holes of long departed mines,
Who took a human sacrifice.