Time’s nearly up!

Have your say on how to create jobs and boost the local economy

The deadline for ideas for the first round of community funding from Pen y Cymoedd is nearly here…. there’s just 6 days left to get ideas in.


We’ve had a huge response in the last two months, with a further 300 ideas coming in from groups and residents in the area. The theme of jobs and the economy has really gotten people talking, and there are some really exciting ideas in the mix.

Some have focussed on building on the area’s strengths – like tourism and a strong energy infrastructure. Others have focussed on the barriers – access to education and employment, and some of the challenges with the current climate of preserving what’s already there.

It’s clear there are many things the funding could do. Once the deadline has passed, it’ll be time to look through the ideas in detail to see what priorities the community have highlighted for the funding. But for now, there is only one priority – getting ideas in here!