Turbine component deliveries – more information

Siemens deliveries at Lochluichart Wind Farm, Inverness, Scotland

Construction at Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy Project commenced in February 2014. Civil works, including the turbine foundations and access tracks are nearing completion meaning that the site is now ready to receive the turbine components.

Turbine component deliveries:
We expect two convoys of up to three lorries to take place per day between 9:30am and 3pm. Each convoy will be escorted by a party of escort vehicles, including the police on the A4061 who will need to stop the traffic for short periods of time. Short delays are expected and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

November 2015 to Summer 2016: Turbine deliveries expected
– Total number of loads (normal and abnormal): 912
– Total number of abnormal loads (vehicles with a width of over 2.9 metres, a rigid length of over 18.65 metres or a weight of 44 tonnes): 684
– Shortest component: Hub – 5.26m (The distance betweenrugby goal posts)
– Longest component: Blade – 55m. Just over half the distance between the goal posts and half way line of a rugby pitch
– Lightest component: Blade – 11.3 tonnes
– Heaviest component: Nacelle (the unit housing the generating parts of the turbine) – 81 tonnes. The weight of around 7 double decker buses

Turbine installations are expected between:
January 2016 and the end of 2016: The first step is the installation of the two lower tower sections, turbine by turbine. This means that tower stumps will be seen at turbine locations prior to the remainder of the components being installed. This will happen turbine by turbine.
– Base tower section installation: January 2016 – April 2016
– Base and mid tower sections height: 37.2m
– Remaining turbine components installation:
– April 2016 to end of 2016
– Height to tip of blade: 145m. A little longer than one and a half lengths of a rugby pitch

Download this fact sheet for further information.