Who are the construction liaison committee, and what do they do?

David Mackerras

Keeping the local community informed during construction is an important job. It’s a public access site which is well used by the local community. It’s also a major construction project, and there is a lot of important information and developments that the community wants to know about and understand. One of our most important groups therefore is the Construction Liaison Committee, in their role  as a conduit of information from our team on site to the local community.

Who are they?

Around 45 representatives receive an invite to the meeting, including local elected members, community councils and Communities First representatives.

When do they meet?

The group has met 4 times a year since the start of construction. The meetings normally take place onsite so that the group can see the construction works first hand, and meet the contractors in case they have any questions or concerns.

What is their role?

The group plays an important role in in feeding information to local communities. Our contractors provide an update, especially of any works that may have an impact on local communities, such as the traffic lights and the weekend closure of the A4061 Rhigos Road. The group can ask questions so that they can take this information back to the community.

David Mackerras, Clerk for Pelenna Community Council explains:

“This is an important sustainable wind farm development which is happening right on our doorstep. We need to be kept informed and Vattenfall does just that. Two of our Council Members regularly attend Construction Liaison meetings on site. Despite the difficult site terrain our representatives are shown the full construction picture on each occasion and are then able to provide a good update to the full Community Council so that we can pass information on should we receive any questions. We hope that we are able to continue a positive Partnership during the remaining construction and commissioning period.”