Work starts in the west of the site

Health and safety for site users and site workers

Our contractors Jones Bros/Balfour Beatty have started work in the west of the site. 42 of the wind farm’s 76 turbine bases have been completed since work commenced in February 2014.

Over the course of the work more than 50,000m³ of concrete and 6,000 tonnes of reinforcement will be used to construct the 76 turbine bases and crane pads, coming from local suppliers. The Pen y Cymoedd site also requires the upgrade and preparation of around 80km of access tracks, as well as 80km of cabling.

Eryl Roberts, Project Manager for the Jones Bros and Balfour Beatty joint venture, said: “Work is progressing really well and the weather has been very good, which is helping to keep us on schedule. A lot of work has been taking place in order to prepare the next batch of bases for concreting. We have currently completed 42 of the 76 turbine bases and have now resumed concreting work after the scheduled break during the winter months. The team is looking forward to seeing this number increase over the coming weeks with longer working hours, including weekend working to make the most of the spring and summer weather. Focus is now turning to the western region, the final of four geographical areas that the project is divided into.  Work has begun on upgrading the track into that region to allow for our plant to access the area.”

The construction team receive daily health and safety briefings daily, which is very important in the west of the site, as this is where a large majority of the mountain bike trails are located. More information about how to stay safe when mountain biking or walking in the area can be found here.

The joint venture’s work is due be completed later this year, with the overall Pen y Cymoedd project scheduled for completion in Spring 2017.