Your ideas, your vision – the Pen y Cymoedd Community Fund!


3000 residents, groups and businesses got involved. The question was simple: What could this fund do to bring real benefit to the local area? The results are in and we’ve prepared a short animation that will be available shortly, for you to see what your ideas have created – an exciting vision for the future, with very clear priorities.

Our future is bright

In 2015, we’ll begin the work to set up the new independent body which will manage the fund. We’ll be working to make sure that it is ready to start work when the project starts operating late in 2016. It’s now time for communities, businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations in the area to start thinking about what projects they want to deliver to start to turn the community’s vision into a reality. A short community fund prospectus will be available for anyone interested in applying to the fund. We will also be running training sessions through the year to support you to get ready for the fund, and understand what criteria the community have set for projects to be delivered through the fund. Register your interest in the fund here.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the community think this 20 year investment could mean for the Valleys…

Homes that are cheaper to run


Giving young people the best opportunities




Projects that bring new jobs – from construction to outdoor activities, film and tourism


Transport that helps us get to where we need to go


New ventures and activities that all can enjoy


Bringing community spaces to life

Our future is bright